About us

When you wear one for the first time, you'll get it.

And that's where this story starts.

Bob was at his office - wearing a standard dress shirt under a slimmer fitting sweater - and despite the fact that it was winter, he was overheated and miserably uncomfortable.

It was the opposite of how business casual should feel.

The dress shirt was totally bunched up under his sweater. You've been there.

  • Twisted along the forearms
  • Tight at the wrists
  • Gathered in the armpits
  • Jumbled at the waist
  • And yes, sweating along your back

Just not comfortable at all.  So we decided to do something about it.

And that was the start of the COLLAR UP concept. Now - after two years of designs, prototypes, modifications, some frustration, and yes, lots of fun - here we are.

Today, when we describe our COLLAR UP undershirts, we're often met with raised eyebrows. Basically, people tell us we're nuts.

We get it.

Until they put one on.

Then they get it.

21st Century Dickie. Modern Day Dickie. Man's New Best Friend. We thought of all kinds of kitchsy, catchy names. We settled on COLLAR UP. Here's why: comfort is no joke. It's serious business. How can you take a two hour lunch or buy a round at the bar if you're all hot and constricted? You can't. Plain and simple.

So this is the best way we can explain it.

Do you remember the first time you wore boxer briefs under your jeans - rather than traditional, baggy boxer shorts? Big difference, right? Well, that is what COLLAR UP is all about.

Buy one. Wear one. Change your game.

Best regards,

Gail, Bob,Todd & Julie

Founding Partners of COLLAR UP