What is COLLAR UP?

Keep cool. Be cool. That's not just a cute tagline - it's the truth. It's the solution everyone from office workers to college boys to weekend socializers have been looking for - but it hasn't existed until now.


It's even caught the eye of several media outlets.

It's a hybrid dress/performance shirt - designed to be worn under long-sleeved sweaters, pullovers, quarter zips and windbreakers.

COLLAR UP's 100% cotton dress shirt "bib" creates the polished look of a fine button down, while its 100% polyester, lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking athletic component provides a cool and comfortable fit.

Basically, this will be your fanciest undershirt - but with a collar.

We like to say COLLAR UP is a Modern Day Dickie, designed for today's active lifestyle.

In other words, it's the mullet of shirts: business on top ... you know the rest.

We get it. Our concept at first may seem a bit peculiar. Some might say ridiculous. But our customers agree - once you wear one of our shirts, you'll realize it's a game changer. 

COLLAR UP shirts deliver smooth fits, trim profiles, secure tucks, cool temperatures and easier movement.

Thanks for visiting our site and for your interest in COLLAR UP.  We know you'll love these shirts like we do.